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Hawaii Highlights

Hawaii Highlights

This blog post is about the highlights of my Hawaii trip as we did so many things and went to so many places but these are the items I would recommend.

So this adventure started by flying into Honolulu from San Francisco and moving into the Modern Honolulu at Waikiki Beach for two nights.  Totally recommend this hotel, really modern, has a nice pool and bars, great service and friendly staff.


We visited Pearl Harbor which was really interesting.  Free to visit but you need to get a ticket and better to book these in advance because they sell out, this is popular!  You can book a ticket on this government website;


Think my favourite thing was going to Lanikai Beach and also doing the Pillbox Hike.  Lanikai is just beautiful no wonder the translation for it is "heavenly beach".  When you read up about the Pillbox Hike it is always classed as easy, what you don't read is that actually the hike is vertical at the beginning and you will definitely need to wear trainers!  I saw lots of people turning up with flip flops on.  It is really slippy and you need grip on your soles.  Going up and coming down involves being careful and sometimes using the ropes attached to trees.  It also gets very hot up there, but the view is spectacular and worth the effort.  Totally recommend doing it, look for the totem sign for Kealepulu Drive and you will find the entrance to the hike.

Finishing the hike you can wander down to the beach.  Lots of Outrigging was going on whilst we were there, it was fun to watch.

We moved down to the other end of Waikiki to stay at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa.  This hotel was good too and near to Diamond Head.  Whilst in Waikiki we went to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for cocktails which was lovely, must stay at this hotel next time!

To be able to visit the Hawaiian islands we found that the easiest way to do this would be by a cruise as flying would take up too much time.  The only cruise that operates the Hawaiian Islands is the Norwegian Cruise Line.  Check it out on;


The first island stop was Kahului, Maui.  The highlight of Maui was visiting Haleakala Volcano Crater for sunrise.  We arrived in the pitch black freezing night and watched and waited as the sun gradually came up.  Was really amazing as you are so high up you can see clouds!  People were singing Hawaiian prayer songs as the sun rose, was really special, definitely recommend doing this.  Later on our guide took us to the lookout which is at an elevation of 10,023 feet!

Next island stop was Hawaii Big Island and here we firstly went to the Hawaii Volcano National Park to see the falls and volcano craters.  Next day we went to the Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park.  Think my favourite thing was the House of Refuge which if you did something wrong in the tribe you had to try and get to so you would not be killed.  Great wooden statues there and just so interesting and beautiful.

Next island was Kauai where we stopped at Nawiliwili.  Think Kauai was my favourite island because it is just so beautiful and the most memorable thing we did here was attend a Luau. For those of you who don't know what this is, its a traditional Hawaiian feast and dancing.  Definitely worth attending the Luau Kalamaku at Kauai it was a good one!  Details on the website below;


I loved my time in Hawaii, the only problem is there is so much to see and do and not enough time to do it all!  I would love to go back, maybe one day....




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