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Granada Travel Tips

Granada Travel Tips

Granada is such a stunning city to visit, it's just so beautiful. The main event has to be Al Hambra and the Generalife gardens. The Al Hambra and the Generalife gardens are large and it takes a full day to do it all. If I had known just how much there is to walk around I might have actually done the gardens the next day. So yes you need a full day but it could be more enjoyable if you cover all of it in two days.

Definitely book your tickets months in advance on the official government website. The Alhambra General ticket gives you access to Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces and Generalife for €14. There are lots of access choices, the night visit sounds great would love to do that next time I visit.


Only one thing to note is you will get a time slot with your ticket to get into the Nasrid Palaces and you will need to factor in how long it will take you to walk to them, could be 30 minutes or more. So you might want to go earlier so that you can take your time to enjoy the walk and to maybe go into the Alcazaba area first.

There is a wonderful Parador you can stay in actually in the grounds called Parador Granada where you can also drop in for lunch or dinner with a view across to Generalife. I had a lovely lunch and would love to stay here!

For an amazing view of the Al Hambra and Sierra Nevada you can go the the Plaza San Nicolas in Albaicin. It really is just a lovely viewpoint across Granada. People play the guitar on the square and sell trinkets, it has a great ambience, totally recommend, I think this is a must do! There are restaurants up there so once you have finished enjoying the view, you can have lunch before walking down into the Albaicin souk shopping area. I really enjoyed walking from Plaza San Nicolas down the winding streets, getting lost and finding interesting houses and shops on the way to the Albaicin shopping streets. There are lots of hotels in the Albaicin area and I think next time I go to Granada I will stay in this interesting area.

Also in Albaicin there are restaurants with flamenco shows, and we went to Jardines de Zoraya. I really liked the garden restaurant area and the food was good, after dinner you get called into the flamenco show, which although not the best I’ve ever seen after being so spoilt in Seville, it was enjoyable.

To get around there are various tourist buses and a tourist train which are inexpensive. We got a taxi to Al Hambra and caught the bus back and then went up to Sacromonte. It’s so easy to get around I’m not even going to drop any tips.

I stayed at the Hotel Palacio de Santa Paula on Gran Via de Colon, which used to be a 16th century convent building and has a beautiful cloisters inside where you can sit and have breakfast. I had a great room with shutters you could open to watch the street below, it was lovely.

This hotel is near to Granada Cathedral and the souk, both worth a visit. You could spend a good hour in the Cathedral, it is very beautiful inside all in white marble, and then have lunch in one of the numerous restaurants and do some shopping in the souk after. There is also a large shopping area with numerous well known brands, so you can shop till you drop! Wish you a great Granada trip!

Dress from Faithfull the Brand.


View from the Plaza San Nicolas, Albaicin


Nasrid Palaces


Viewpoint from Alcazaba


Generalife Gardens

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